Restore Quick Formatted Drive Data

  • Efficiently recover data from quick formatted drives
  • Supports file restoration from a wide range of internal and external removable drives
  • Retrieves data or files of different file formats without causing any modifications to the original contents

Have you lost your data due to quick format?

There are two ways in which you can format your drive, either quick format or full format. The quick format takes very little time to format your drive as it does less work. It writes control information to the sectors of the drive. It creates empty root directory of files on the hard drive. The surface of the hard disk is not overwritten after quick format.

Sometimes you realize the importance of your files after losing only. You won’t be having a backup of files and now regret. You can recover files from your quick formatted drives like hard drives, SD Cards, USB drives, external hard drives. Any drive detectable by your operating system can be recovered using the Format Recovery Software.

Scenarios when a hard drive is quick formatted:

There are lots of circumstances in which you lose your data after format. Few are listed below:

Virus infection: Due to virus infection, the operative speed of system becomes slow. You decide to format your drive to increase the performance of the system. After the format you may realize that you had an important file in the hard drive which you can’t afford to lose. The only way now is to use Format Recovery tool.

Accidental Quick format: You might have selected format button and your drive is formatted. You will lose your collection of data on your drive. It is not a simple thing to drop it; you might be having a lot of songs and some personal recordings in it.

Delete all data: If you need to delete all your data from your storage drive, quick format is the way. It deletes all the files, i.e. all the files are de-referenced and your drive will be empty with no files and folders. If you want to recover data from a formatted hard drive, you can use formatted recovery software which does this with ease.

Main features of Format Recovery tool:

  • It is good at formatted external hard drive recovery.
  • The software can recognize and recover up to 300 file types.
  • You can recover data from not only hard drives but also other drives like SD Cards, external drives, USB drives, etc.
  • It can recover files from a formatted disk on Mac queries related to Mac, you can use this link
  • The tool has efficient algorithm to scan the formatted drive.

How to restore quick formatted drive data?

Step-1: Download and install the Format Recovery Software. Run the tool and select the Pro Edition.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: Click on Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

Step-3: Select the drive which was formatted and scan it. Preview the scan result which is displayed in two views, i.e. Data View and File Type View. Save the files on a drive of the computer other than the formatted drive from which the files are recovered.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

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