Formatted Hard Drive Recovery

Want to recover data from your formatted Hard Drive?

Hard drives are storage devices to store your data on computer. You can retrieve your data whenever you want. Hard drive allows you to have logical partitions for the ease of maintenance of files on the computer. In one of the partitions you can install your operating system which acts as the interface between user and the hard drive. You need to format your hard drive many times to get rid of viruses, to clean your hard drive to sell or donate your computer. Before formatting, you should have backup files. You may sometimes format the drive accidentally or format a wrong partition and lose all your important data.

When you format your drive, you lose access to the files but they will be present on the hard drive. A recovery tool helps you identify and recover formatted data. Stop using the hard drive, so that the data should not be overwritten. Even recovery tool can’t help restoring your data if it is overwritten.Get more information at

Reasons for Hard Drive format:

You may format your hard drive intentionally or unintentionally. You tend to format your drive for reasons like, MBR corruption, virus attack, wipe out all your data, etc. You may unintentionally format your storage drive; you may end up formatting wrong partition.

MBR corruption: MBR is a part of hard drive used for proper booting of an operating system. If MBR is corrupted, booting fails and your OS will not be loaded. Without OS, you won’t be having the interface between user and hard disk. In such case, you need to format your hard drive. After format, you will lose all your files which can be recovered using Format Recovery tool.

Wipe all data using quick format: Quick format is used to clean the file system entry. The pointers of the files are removed but the files will be still present on the hard drive. Quick format recovery software is needed to recover data from hard drive in such case.

Special features of Format Recovery:

  • You can perform Mac drive recovery using this software in just few clicks of mouse.
  • It detects up to 300 file signatures and you can add the signatures which are not there on the list of the software.
  • The application is well programmed to unformat Android devices on Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Windows 2008.
  • The software wizard is easy to use that you do not need to be tech savvy.
  • The software can recover data from formatted external hard drive with utmost ease.
  • Using this smart utility user can even save files before formatting USB flash drive. Wanna know how? Follow this link:

Steps to recover data from formatted Hard Drive:

Step-1: Download the recovery software and install on your computer. After launching the software, you will get the home page of the recovery tool. Select Recover Partitions / Drives and then select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: You will get the display of all the drives on the operating system, select the appropriate drive and scan. After scanning the whole drive, it displays the identified files. Preview the files and restore.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

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