Recover Formatted Eexternal Hard Disk


Have you formatted your external hard drive without taking backup?

When memory space and portability becomes an issue, external hard drive is the best solution. You can carry huge data in your pocket to anywhere you want using the external hard drive.  You might have stored lot of photos, videos, etc. that the memory will be almost full and your computer becomes slow. It takes lot of time for even a click. Ultimately, what you can do is to transfer all the files to external drive and preserve it. You can access it whenever you want and by connecting it on any computer. External drives provide data security, now a days, you can make it password protected. It plays a major role in daily life either to store personal or professional data.

Sometimes you might have to format your external drive or you may format it by mistake. During such situations, you can use a recovery tool which supports recovery of formatted data. Formatted Recovery is one of the formatted data recovery software which helps you recover your lost data. Know more about the at

Common scenarios of external hard drive format:

You might have formatted your external drive for reasons like virus attack; drive not formatted error, etc.

Drive not formatted error: When you connect your external hard drive to access your files in it, you will get an error that you should format the drive for further usage. This is because of any of these reasons, file system corruption, partition table corruption or index file damage. Recover formatted data from hard disk if you have any important data in it.

Accidental formatting: You might have clicked the format button accidentally and lost your data from your external drive. While formatting a drive using a third party tool, you might select wrong drive. You realize it later after losing all your data in it and you do not have the backup also. You need a good recovery tool to restore deleted files after formatting, which does this in short span of time.

Important features of Format Recovery software:

Simple procedure to recover data from formatted external hard disk:

Step-1: Download and install the software. Run the software and select Recover Partitions / Drives on the home page. Then select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: Select the external drive to scan and recover files from it. Preview the files listed after scanning and save the files on a storage drive.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

How to avoid data loss due to external hard drive format?

  • Keep formatting your hard drive to keep it in proper working condition and avoid crashes.
  • Always make sure that you are selecting the right drive to format.
  • Be attentive while clicking on the options and don’t rush to select format.

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