Recover Formatted Disk on Mac


Lost your important files from formatted Mac disk?

Mac is the most advanced operating system from Apple. It is more than just storing your data and accessing it on your computer. It is a timeless experience to work on Mac OS with lot of its attractive in-built features. It comes with thousands of APIs with variety of new technologies. Sometimes you feel like magic while using the utilities of Mac. If you are so amazed with its features, you may lose concentration on operating your files. You may format the drive by mistake and lose all the data in it.

You may format the hard drive intentionally sometimes. If your file system is corrupted severely by virus, you need to format it. If you want to change the file system on your operating system, you need to format your drive. After format, your data will be lost and hence you need to backup your important files. If you fail to restore the backup data or do not have the backup, you need formatted drive recovery tool. Format Recover is one of the efficient and reliable tools which you can use.

Scenarios where your Mac disk is formatted:

Mac disk may be formatted intentionally, accidentally or due to some errors. Some of the reasons are listed here:
File system corruption: When the files on the file system get corrupted, your drive goes missing. In such case, you should format your disk drive. After format, the files will be still there in the drive but the pointers are removed. Thus use formatted hard drive recovery software for Mac to get back your lost data. Click here to know more. 

Switch to different file system: When you want to change the file system, the drive should be formatted. If your files are not backed up then you are at risk. You can recover the formatted data using Format Recovery software.

Features of Formatted Recovery software:

  • The software can perform quick formatted data recovery in quick span of time.
  • It has separate builds for Windows and Mac OS.
  • The software supports both PowerPC and Intel computers.
  • It can recover files even from corrupt or deleted partitions or volumes.
  • It can recover formatted external hard drive data in few simple steps.

Simple steps to recover formatted Mac disk:

Step-1: Download the software and run it. Select Recover Volumes / Drives and then click on Formatted / Reformatted recovery. Select the formatted drive to scan and recover files from it.

File recovery after - Main Screen

Step-2: After scan preview the file and if the results are satisfactory then save those files on your computer.

File recovery after - View Recovered Files

Some important precautions:

  • Stop using the hard drive immediately after format to avoid overwriting of files.
  • Use strong anti-virus on your OS.
  • Confirm that you are formatting the right drive.
  • Maintain regular backups.

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