Format Recovery

Android File Recovery after Format

Android is a Linux based operating system widely used in Smart mobile phones and Tablet computers. The smarter features and advanced applications supported by Android have made the Android powered devices to gain overwhelming popularity within a short span of time. So, many mobile phone companies are upgrading their mobile software to Android. Android mobile phones are equipped with stunning features like multi tasking capabilities, faster browsing support, cloud sync, high clarity mega pixel camera. The memory cards of Android devices are used to store wide variety of files such as songs, videos, audio, pictures etc. Despite these benefits data loss from Android devices also seems more common than earlier. The main reason for data loss from Android devices is Formatting. This takes users into extremely panic situation with immediate need to have the lost files restored. In such situations take the assistance of format recovery application to get back the files within a couple of minutes.

What scenarios could lead to formatting of your Android device?

  • Unintentional Formatting: Sometimes you might accidentally format the memory card of Android device connected to computer while formatting any unimportant logical drive of the computer. In addition to this, accidental usage of “Format” button provided in many media devices wipes out all the data at one stretch.
  • Virus Attack: Virus invasion on Android device can severely corrupt the files stored in it and makes them inaccessible. The rate of virus infection is higher in Android devices as they have increased support for web access. As many hackers use internet as the main way to spread harmful viruses, Android devices usually get infected by viruses when a virus infected file is downloaded from web. So, many people format the device to get rid of viruses but this not only removes the viruses but also erases the files stored on it.
  • Format Error Messages: You may encounter format error messages when you connect severely corrupted memory card of Android device to computer for accessing the files stored on it. Common format error message that you may encounter on connecting corrupted memory card to computer is “Device not formatted. Do you want to format now?”. In this miserable condition if you click “No” the card remains inaccessible and the same error message pops up on each time you try to access the card whereas clicking “Yes” makes the card reusable but wipes out all the files stored on the card. Memory card of the Android device gets corrupted on account of file system corruption, improper handling of memory card etc.

Many users think that formatting the data storage device wipes out the files permanently. But this is wrong. Formatting just deletes the file pointer pointing to that storage location i.e erases the address table and sets the particular space occupied by the file as free to store new data. You can undelete files after format as the actual data remains intact until and unless it is overwritten with new data. So to avoid permanent loss of files it is always recommended to stop using the storage device from which you wish to recover files. Employ format recovery tool as soon as possible and get back your precious files. This application facilitates you to restore files from formatted hard drives of different types including SATA, IDE, PATA and SCSI with ease. It performs sector by sector scanning of the device to scoop out the files that lie too deep and allows you to store the files to secured location. The powerful recovery algorithms equipped in this application makes it possible to recover files from quick formatted hard drive on Windows operating system versions such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and 2008 at your fingertips.

Other than hard drives it is also possible to recover files from formatted external hard drives, Flash drives, Memory sticks, Fire wire Drives etc. It has the capability to recover up to 300 file types based on their unique file signatures. Recovered files are sorted on the basis of file name, file type, creation date of file and file size so that required file can be easily located within few seconds. This application comes with the demo version which allows you to judge the capability of the application by seeing the preview results. If you are satisfied with the preview of the files just go ahead and buy the complete version of the application to save recovered files to secured location. Get info regarding external hard drive

Note: You can also use the another version of this software to recover data when your system's hard drive is reformatted or formatted, this link carries you to get more information on this topic.

Steps to recover Android Files after Format

Step-1: Download and install the software on your computer. Run the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. After sucessful launch select "Recover Lost Files" option from the welcome screen.

Format Recovery - Main Screen

Step-2: Now select choose the android device from which files are to be recovered and click "Next" to initiate recovery process.

Format Recovery - Select the Drive

Step-3: Preview of the scanning progress.

Format Recovery - Scanning Progress

Step-4: The software starts scanning immedately after choosing the drive and provides the preview of the files after the completion of scanning process. Preview the scan result which is displayed in two views, i.e. Data View and File Type View. Save the files on a drive of computer other than the formatted drive from which the files are recovered.

Format Recovery - Preview Files